My Make-Up Stash

Well I have already admitted that I am something of a beauty junkie, but I am even more so when it comes to make-up. So thought I would share with you a picture of my make-up collection. Admittedly I don’t use all of this make-up and probably do need to throw some of it out (especially after researching ‘How to look after your make-up”), but I just can’t help wanting to keep it all, just in case I urgently need some of it one day (and yes I do mean all of the 52 different shades of eye shadows I currently own!!!!).

Photo of ‘My Beauty Stash of MAKE-UP Products’

An article last year in the Daily Mail stated that the average value of the contents of a woman’s make up bag is £172.00. The survey by beauty retailer found that a makeup bag was often the most expensive item that many women take out of the house with them. Although there has been an increase in people owning and going out with tablets, makeup bags are now often worth more than your mobile, watch, handbag or even the cash in your purse when you leave the house.

Photo of ‘My Beauty Stash of FACE AND BODY Products’ found that the most expensive item in a woman bag is a foundation, averaging in at £27.00. This is followed by mascara at £23.00 and eye shadow at £16.00. Whilst an individual item might not seem that much, when you consider how many items you have in you makeup bag, it can really add up to a hefty sum. In this survey, women also admitted that there are often quite a few products in their make-up bags that they rarely use.

Photo of ‘My Beauty Stash of HAIR Products’

Since I don’t tend to take my make-up bag out with me, (just the odd lip gloss and mascara), I’m not worried about leaving this valuable bag of equipment in the pub one night. However, this article did make me wonder just how much money I have spent on make-up over the years, especially how much money I have spent on make-up over the years ‘that I don’t even use’. For me, the reason for my addiction to buying make up I don’t really need, is down to the excitement of finding a new product I have not used before on the shelf in my local Boots store. I love seeing and opening the lovely new packaging and the smell and feel when using a new product for the first time gives me a little thrill.

Photo of ‘My Beauty Stash of NAIL TREATMENT Products’

So, now that I have shared my make-up addiction secret with you, I’d like to see your dirty little secret of make-up stashes. Just for fun, send us your pictures of your make-up bag contents (or 3 large make-up bag contents in my case!). It might just make us all feel a little less guilty about that growing pile of lip glosses and eye shadows in our bedroom cupboards (we need to know we are not the only ones out there with more make-up than sense!). I should also perhaps admit that after taking the photos of ‘my make-up stash’ I found another larger make-up bag I had forgotten about, the contents of which didn’t make it to the photograph!!!!!!

Please CLICK HERE to e-mail us your pictures, along with your first name, age and location and we will post as many as we can.