Here are our answers to some of the most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS we receive about our website and blog.

Q. How can I leave a comment on one of your posts?

A. Anyone can leave a comment about our post. Simply scroll to the bottom of the post fill in the boxes asking for your name (this can just be your username) and email address and then enter and submit your comment. If you are posting from another website or blog please also enter your web address. Currently all posts need to be approved before they will appear on the blog. There are some pages and post that you will not be able to leave comments on.


Q. What are your EMAIL ALERTS and how can I receive one?

A. We will e-mail an email alert once a week to anyone who signs up to receive one. Our email alerts will update you with details of some of the newly added beauty-deals we have on our website. Email alerts will also contain information about this weeks beauty news, beauty competitions and updates on any new beauty posts we have added to our website, including product reviews and How To’s.

To sign up to our EMAIL ALERTS please CLICK HERE.  (Please be aware email alerts are not yet available)


Q. Why have I seen beauty deals in shops that are not on your website?

A. Ok, we are only human and sometime we will miss some of the beauty-deals that are out there (especially as there are only two people running this site). This is why we ask readers to send us details of beauty-deals that they have spotted, which they think our readers will be interested in.

To send us details of deals you have seen, please email us at readersdeals@beauty-deals.co.uk

To see ‘readers deals’ CLICK HERE.

Additionally, it would be impossible to include ALL the beauty deals that are available on the high street and the web. Therefore, we will include the deals that we think our readers are most likely to be interested in. We tend to avoid the cheaper price range ‘supermarket’ products such as shower gel and hand wash etc so we have more time to bring you bigger, more exciting beauty-deals.


Q. What do you do with our personal details (e-mail address etc) when we post comments to the website or sign up to your email alerts?

A. Your personal details are for our use only so we can send you information from our site that we think you might be interested in. We value your privacy and will not pass on or sell your details to any third party. CLICK HERE to see our privacy policy.


Q. Why do you ask for name, age and location when readers send you deals, reviews and tips etc?

A. We only ask for these details so that both we and our readers get an idea about the person who has provided the information and so we can both credit and thank the reader who has provided the information. An opinion on a particular beauty product from a teenager may differ to the opinion from an older lady, due to difference in expectations and skin type etc. By asking for the age of the reader it helps us to understand why that reader may have the opinions they have about a product.


Q. Do you get ‘paid’ to do product reviews?

A. No! We want our readers to know our honest opinions on the products we review. We receive no payment from any of the companies who produce the products we have reviewed, so the opinions we give are our true and honest thoughts about each product reviewed.


Q. Do you get ‘given’ products to review?

A. At the moment, NO. All the products we have written reviews on so far have been products we have purchased ourselves, products we have bought as part of a gift set, products we have received free as part of ‘free gift with a purchase’ or ‘free gift with a magazine’ offer and products we have been given as gifts by friends and family.

In the future, if we are sent products by companies to review, we will always make this clear by putting a # after the name of the product we have been asked to review. We will always remain impartial about any product we review and will always be 100% honest about how we feel about any of the products we review.

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